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Monday, October 10, 2005

Always Run From The Owners

In the US, this would be considered sooooo French.

Maybe we should consider this tactic here, specifically for SUV drivers who have those annoying "W" stickers in the window. Of course, unlike in France, deflating the tires on a Hummer in any red state would lead to bloodshed. Which is why I like the quote from the activist group's leader: "Our rules are to never run from the police. And always run from the owners."

I once read the term "FUV" on A Tiny Revolution. An apt name for a vehicle mostly driven by people who will never get it dirty, who drive it knowing that it wastes gasoline and money and that it pollutes more heavily than other vehicles, all because they want to appear important, show off their wealth, or compensate for some other inadequacy. Which is another reason we should always run from them.