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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In Canada They Just Call Them Fries

Just returned from a vacation in Canada, and I was surprised I didn't catch any flak at the border crossing, considering my history of subversive writings, protests against the government and blatant disregard for so many laws. Until today, I had figured that my two sleeping kids in the backseat had provided some cover, but then I read this.

When asked why a weirdo carrying multiple weapons, including a blood-stained chain saw, could be allowed into the US, a customs spokesman said: “Being bizarre is not a reason to keep somebody out of this country or lock them up.”

Of course, as Jon Stewart pointed out last year, at least homeland security "finally got the guy who wrote `Peace Train.'"

Anyway, it turns out the dude may have committed some bizarre and heinous crimes involving . . . you guessed it, a chain saw. He was arrested in Massachusetts wandering along a highway wearing what appears to be a blood-stained sweatshirt.

Not that we need any more maniacs in this country, but isn't it apropos that one of Canada's scariest people thought America was the place to be? We do have a culture of death here, despite what the right-wing nut jobs claim. Our murder rates, execution rates and incarceration rates are rivaled by no other nation. We rob from the poor and give to the rich. We refuse to provide health care to millions of people. We allow companies to poison our air and water. We wage war on helpless nations, killing tens of thousands of the innocent people we claim to be liberating, many of them children. We endorse the use of torture and rendition.

And not satisfied with our global military dominance, we almost spend as much on our military as every other nation on the planet combined, and under the current regime we're spending more and more each year. Last year, America spent almost a half trillion dollars.

Canada, on the other hand, spends about $11 billion dollars on its annual military budget.

I felt much safer there, anyway.