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Friday, March 18, 2005

One Life Versus Tens of Thousands

I don't really have a strong opinion on Terri Schiavo and whether doctors should remove her feeding tube, because I think that should be a private decision made by the patient and responsible relatives.

But I find the massive effort by activists and members of Congress to prevent doctors from removing the feeding tube to be glaringly hypocritical, considering how Congress is working hard to torture and kill tens of thousands of innocent people around the world, and how most Americans could care less.

If people are so concerned about life, then why aren't they banging down the doors of Congress and demanding we stop our own state terrorism across the globe, either perpetrating directly, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, or indirectly, as in Columbia and Haiti, to name just a few?

I know the answer – it is because many Americans harbor a deep sense of racism and nationalism that enables them to ignore the suffering and death of non-Americans, especially non-white Americans, and many Americans also ignorantly believe the government's propaganda about terrorism threats and the connection to the people we torture and murder.

The most baffling thing to me is how the groups most vocal for continuing Schiavo's feeding are the same groups most vocal for the invasion of Iraq, which has cost the lives of more than 100,000 people, mostly innocent civilians, including children and the elderly – the very people our government claims to be liberating.

This hypocrisy makes it hard for me to take the "pro-life" argument, in Schiavo's case, seriously.

The other weird thing I've noticed is that many of the people campaigning outside of Schiavo's hospital to keep her feeding tube in are wearing tape over their mouths. I suppose it is a statement about their belief that their side is not being heard – which is a crock – but visually it looks like they want to tape Schiavo's mouth to prevent the feeding.