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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yeah? Well . . . You're Notably Unhelpful, Too

It's not like US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has lied before, so we can believe him when he says Iran allowed explosives to cross the border into Iraq, to be used in suicide bombs.

Rumsfeld has already prepared an alibi in case he is quoting "bad intelligence." While he wouldn't say the Iranian government was directly involved in the shipments, he did say "it's notably unhelpful for the Iranians to be allowing weapons of those types to be crossing the border."

Dang straight, hombre. However, I would warn you, Rummy, that your comment might sound hypocritical if any of the following were true:
  • The US was the world's largest arms dealer.

  • The US had a history of supporting totalitarian regimes in the Middle East, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, and of course Saddam Hussein during his most violent and murderous years.

  • The US had not secured the ammo and weapons left behind by Saddam's military and had instead allowed the weapons to be stolen for use in suicide bombs and attacks on soldiers and civilians.

  • The US had tortured and killed Iraqi detainees not charged with any crime, often photographing the detainees in humiliating positions.

All of those things would have been "notably unhelpful," had they been true.

Rummy also said: "What you do know of certain knowledge is the Iranians did not stop it from coming in," he said.

We also know for certain that the US military, which controls Iraq, did not prevent it from coming in. Normally it is the job of a nation to prevent the entry and not exit of its borders. Can we say for certain that some person or business in the US has not sent weapons or explosives to Iraq?

When asked if Rummy was threatening to invade Iran, now, he replied, with his usual undebatably clear candor: "I don't imply threats. You know that."

If I was an Iranian leader, I'd be inferring a threat, that's for sure. And let me be the first to say that invading Iran, in the effort to defeat terrorism, would be, as is the current conflagration, notably unhelpful.


Blogger Tyler said...

I don't think we would invade Iran, but I wouldn't be suprised if we did. I can see it now... "They've got nuke-yeller weapons too!"

7:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure Iran wants nukes -- look how they worked for North Korea, which prevented a US attack by announcing they have nukes. This is what the US refuses to admit, instead preferring the line that all other states that want nukes want them for evil purposes.

9:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Israel will be surprised to learn that it is a totalitarian regime. Is your antisemetic agenda showing?

7:43 AM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

I wouldn't call Israel totalitarian, and I don't appreciate you calling me anti-Semetic. But I definitely oppose the way US/Israel acts in regards to human rights. Israel and the US are similar in terms of the government's use of propaganda to explain their terrorism as self-defense, to make themselves out to be victims, when in fact those countries have all the power and the overwhelming military might, and they kill a helluvalot more people than do the Palestinians. It's a cozy arrangement for both sides -- the US needs a compliant partner in the Middle East to help enforce its will, and Israel needs American support to remain a state. The problem is that both the US and Israel abuse their power -- their greed makes them do evil things.

I believe a lot of Israelis agree with me -- does that make them anti-Semites?

9:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to inform you BUT you did call Israel a totalitarian state. Your own words...
The US had a history of supporting totalitarian regimes in the Middle East, such as Israel...
What's your problem? Can't keep your arguements straight? I guess communist states are more to your liking.

10:21 PM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

I stand corrected. I was wrong to call Israel totalitarian.

Just as you were wrong to assume I am anti-Semitic because I criticize the way Israel, with full US support and subsidization, mercilessly oppresses the Palestinians and opposes efforts at solving the crisis. I could care less about religion, really, and evaluate the nation's actions based on completely non-religious factors. If the Palestians and Israelis were reversed, I would say the same thing about the Palestinians oppressing Israelis.

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are so anti-america, the country that allows you to spew your opinions, in which country in your utopian world would you like to live?

8:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that Israelites makes themselves out to be "victims". History has shown that the Israelites have been "victims" through out time. They showed the world that a new nation made up of refuges from around the world could kick ass out of much larger multination states. If they had been "peace loving" that you support they wouldn't exist today.

11:43 AM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

By your logic, I can only criticize leaders of other nations. I see no need to refute this absurd notion. If true, then George Washington was wrong to have fought for our independence, Jefferson wrong for writing the Declaration. Not that I am comparing myself to those two in terms of importance, obviously. But our country is built on the foundation that we can criticize our government and try to change it.

However, I will say this -- America is not defined as "what Dubya wants". The right-wing fought earnestly and mostly using well orchestrated lies and disnfo to prevent Clinton from working on his agenda. Did you speak up about those dissenters as well? Or are you only upset that I am pointing out the evil that Dubya does? Such as killing babies, torturing people not charged with a crime, taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich, putting out nation in massive debt, lying to convince America that we needed to invade Iraq, and on and on and on.

And to your question: Canada is also nice.

1:12 PM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

I didn't say Israel shouldn't protect itself, but it has goen so far beyond self-protection as to be absurd. And it only "kicks ass", as you so knuckleheadedly said, because the US allows is. Without the US, Israel would not have the might ir does now. I am not opposed to Israel being its own nation or even building a giant wall around itself if it feels it necessary, but until some of the more conservative leaders there start treating the Palestinians like people and not cattle, the wall can't be high enough.

1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read where all those far lefties claimed that they would move to Canada if Bush was re-elected. None of them moved. The last immigation figures show that more Canadians have moved to the USA then the other way.
PS- Have I upset you so much that you can't type? For an elitist ex-publisher who likes to correct other people on the you certainly have made a lot of errors.

2:16 PM

Blogger Deleted said...

Seeing a wingnut call someone an elitist is a riot. Did you all pick that up from Instapundit?

Let's turn the wingnut logic around. One winger read that far lefties swore they would to move to Canada. Colin did not move to Canada. He can't keep the commitment other people made! Colin is so totally discredited that I'm susprised he hasn't killed himself in remorse.

The immigration figures show more Canadians moving to the US than the other direction. How many would that be? 189 altogether, not exactly an impressive number. I take it as clear proof that the wingnuts haven't succeeded in making the US an impossible to live.

Anonymous winger, you'll have to do better than that. And if you're going to attempt a spelling flame, you could at least get the URL for alachuapolitix right.

2:30 AM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

My family and I visited Canada for a week earlier this year. It was nice. There the conservatives are far in the minority, and surprisingly the nation is not massively in debt, is not invading nations or making Muslims hate Canada, and is providing good benefits for its people. It has a strong, growing economy, it's clean, has less crime than the US. Why wouldn't someone want to live there?

7:05 AM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

Oh, and, no, you have not upset me. I make mistakes like anyone else. The only correction I made on alachuapolitix was to a quoted headline from a newspaper in which the writer used "Array" instead of "Awry". If that's being an elitist ex-publisher, then you need to get you skin checked (it's rather thin).

7:07 AM


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