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Monday, August 22, 2005

Is Smith Off (His Party) Base?

I actually agree with state Sen. Rod Smith's comment, from an idealistic standpoint. Judges should pay attention to law and precedent and not to ideology.

Maybe Smith is playing to the soft conservatives, trying to get them to switch if he wins next year's Democratic gubernatorial primary. Whatever his reason for taking this position, he has now put the issue of abortion into the race, because choice advocates obviously oppose Roberts for the Supreme Court in fear he will make abortion illegal.

It'll be interesting to see how (or whether) Smith defends a woman's right to choose -- because he'll be asked, and real soon. With his comment seeming to support Roberts nomination, Smith will be under pressure from pro-choice groups to strongly support choice, else alienating a large voting block that also happens to be very politically active.

He will make some sort of statement in support of choice in the next few days, if he's smart. Opposing choice might help Smith in a general election, but it will likely cost him the nomination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should watch Smith on his speech at Tiger Bay Democrats - and see how he responded...

9:00 AM


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