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Monday, August 29, 2005

If This Had Been Al Gore, Entry No. 1

OK, so normally this series is about how Bush supporters would be trying to impeach President Clinton had he been president and done the things Dubya has done. Not this time.

A web site called Absurd Theatre has done me one better and published a fake news article about the GOP-controlled Congress filing articles of impeachment against President Al Gore, Jr., for ignoring clues about the impending 9-11 attacks and for his illegal invasion of Iraq, etc.

When anyone claims that Bush has done wrong, his supporters immediately accuse the critics of "just hating Bush" or, as some are so bold to say, "hate America". They rationalize and justify every one of Dubya's decisions, no matter how strong the evidence is for lying, corruption and incompetence.

Clinton was impeached because he lied about a blow job. Never forget that.


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