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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Love It When Politicians Make Sense

I'd like state Sen. Rod Smith for governor a lot more if he'd admit that the Florida Legislature is "desperately in need of adult supervision."

US Rep. Jim Davis, Smith's main obstacle to securing the Democrat's gubernatorial nomination in 2006, said exactly that, and of course he's correct. In a story by The St. Augustine Record's Peter Guinta, Davis said many encouraging things, including: "What's my toughest job? Keeping (Rep.) Tom Delay from imposing his family values on your family."

Haven't heard anything remotely like this from Smith. He likes to mention that he's "tired of watching Democratic candidates go down in defeat," as well as his "pro-gun position and a tough-on-crime, pro-death penalty stance." His campaign web site also gives considerable space to articles about his campaign fundraising prowess.


Thanks to the Florida Politics blog for pointing this one out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davis just assured himself of never being Gov. of Florida.

8:50 PM

Anonymous Jaycee said...

I disagree...I think Maddox is Smith's main foe in this race. Davis is coasting on name recognition, but I don't think he really has anything meaningful to say. His rhetoric is tired. He's been in office for years and yet he has nothing new to say. If he is the Dem nom we are definitely losing this one.

Maddox will withstand all these attacks and will be the best chance for regaining Florida.

9:11 PM


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