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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Assassination Call Strengthens Chavez

And that's a good thing. Chavez is the type of leader we should be praising, if we actually cared about people and human rights, at least as much as we can about getting rich.

If Venezuela follows the pattern of previous US takeovers in Central America and South America, a lot of poor people will be massacred, all to ensure the profits of oil companies (strange, but it seems like I've heard this story somewhere before).

In the 1950s through the 1980s, the US government was able to meddle in the affairs of Latin American governments, to back coups of democratically elected governments, and to support vicious tyrants -- all without much concern from the US people. We oversaw much repression, torture and death -- hundreds of thousands murdered because they did not support the government the US wanted them to.

Sure, there was some attention, notable in the 80s with Nicaragua, El Salvador and the Iran Contra scandal. Did you know that Nicaragua won a verdict against the US in an international tribunal for damages caused by US war crimes against the nation. The crimes including bombing of facilities and mining a key harbor. At any rate, many of not most people regard US actions as a response to a communist threat that we now know was never there.

This war continue today with Columbia and Venezuela. In Columbia, the US has a pliant partner in control, but in Venezuela, the US has opposition. Hugo Chavez, widely popular and overwhelmingly supported in two campaigns and a recall (with the opposition funded by the US and the oil industry).

The Independent published a great article on the situation, which I suggest you read. I also suggest you more closely learn about this issue, but it portends to be a future hostile takeover attempt by our country.

The Oil Wars blog has several recent posts that are informative and link to more resources.


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