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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Damn Those Crazy Liberals

The Gainesville City Commission, deemed "radical" and "ultra-liberal" by the local GOP and land development crowd, is considering reducing "chances for citizen input" into the local development review process.

The Plan Board, appointed by the lefty wackos, voted 4-1 to send the proposal to the commission. Hopefully their hate America instincts will kick in and defeat this bad idea. The last thing we need is less review of proposed developments. I'm not saying we need fewer developments, because generally I support infill development. But the people who will be impacted by these projects should have every chance to review and give input.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was the one smart one who voted against it?

11:24 PM

Blogger Colin Whitworth said...

The newspaper doesn't say. Minutes from the mtg are not available.

11:50 AM


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