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Friday, May 20, 2005


I think it should be obivous to the government that fighting wars does not work like an election campaign, but I am obviously wrong. From MSNBC:

LONDON - The U.S. military acknowledged Friday that a photo of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his underwear, which a British tabloid newspaper published on its front page, was real and said it was "aggressively" investigating how it could have been taken and by whom.

. . .

Those sources, the Sun stated, said they were handing over the pictures “in the hope of dealing a body blow to the resistance in Iraq.”

Now if we can only get the Weekly World News to publish photos of aliens advising Osama bin Laden, maybe we can win this war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you writing again, Colin. --J. Jack

9:28 PM


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