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Monday, May 16, 2005

Go Go Citgo

If we have to live with high gas prices – and, yes, many people like myself have no choice but to drive to work – we might as well be sending the money to a good cause. And by good cause I certainly don’t mean ExxonMobile or any of the other friends of Dubya.

In this case I mean Citgo. Sure, it is a US refiner – but it is also “a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company,” says Jeff Cohen in an article published today at

If you believe that government should share the wealth with more than the already rich elites and that the government should provide health care and a good education to all people, regardless of their tax status, then you’ll likely appreciate Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and the reforms he has been instituting, using the proceeds from state oil money.

And if you hate Dubya, as I know many, many of you do, then you’ll really love Chavez. Using worldwide forums and having ample media attention, Chavez regularly calls Bush (rightly) an imperialist and dangerous war criminal. And Chavez doggedly reminds every other Latin American nation that Bush’s government helped stage a three-day coup of his government that was brushed back by the masses of people who support Chavez and his pro-peasant reforms.

If you don’t know much about Chavez, his reforms or the state of affairs in Venezuela, you should check it out. is a good site with lots of news and links. Chavez is leading a continent-wide reforms by setting such a positive example of neighboring nations and by sharing some of his country’s vast oil wealth.

Anyhow – if you live in Gainesville, there’s a half-dozen Citgos spread across town, so stop by and fill up. You can click here for a list of Gainesville-area Citgo stations and here for an online tool for finding a station near you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we should support a socialist dictator. Even better we should work hard to support those that would undermine our constitution and bring socialist reforms to our country.
Thank goodness you see the light.

I hate freedom and want to be controlled by the state.

Thank you for your blog. I can only hope that one day our country is as good as Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, or any other country that politicizes the economy and creates poverty for most.
Pol Pot, Chavez, Marx, Castro, and even Hitler should be a heroes. They really did great things for their people. Some of these great men have simply been misunderstood.

When central planning does not yield the results that were intended it is because the people are too stupid understand anyways.

I am going to stop typing and buy gas from a a company that hates the US because I hate the US too!!!


Keep them coming Colin. Please extol the virtues of more dictators and despots.

11:19 AM


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