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Sunday, May 15, 2005

At Least He Didn't Call Them Jigaboos

On Friday, Mexico President Vincente fox told a trade group: “There’s no doubt that the Mexican men and women — full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work — are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."

In response to the negative reaction to the comment, Mexico’s foreign relations secretary told The Associated Press (via MSNBC) that Fox's comment Friday was not motivated by racism but rather a desire to show that Mexican migrants have "a positive role” in the US.

I consider this a profound insight into the elite view on economics and society. Certain jobs, such as collecting our trash, are beneath whites and instead are relegated to minorities, who often have no choice in life but to do our dirty work.

I've always felt that a major reason why the rich do not properly fund education and health care in our country is because they need to have a class of poor people who have no options. In the US, blacks are an obvious candidate because of the historical chains we have shackled to them – slavery, followed by a long period of discrimination that prevented freed slaves from advancing in any sector of society. Now that civil rights has made inroads against institutional racism, the elites look to the poor in Mexico to take over.


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