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Monday, April 04, 2005

Teacher Pay Hypocrisy

The St. Pete Times has a good editorial on the hypocrisy of Jebbo's strategy to reverse the 2002 amendment that requires schools to limit class sizes. In it, the paper mentions something I've been saying about the elite opposition to voter initiatives like this one – that Jebbo and his friends in Tallahassee would rather spend that money on the special interests that put them there.

Jebbo's gambit is to pit the class size reductions against higher pay for teachers. He wants a special election this September in which voters will be asked to repeal the class size amendment and approve a higher minimum teacher salary statewide.

The St. Pete Times accurately points out that Jebbo and state lawmakers "already have that authority in the budget. Instead of increasing teacher pay, though, they have spent the past five years handing out $10.7-billion in tax breaks mostly to people and businesses that can afford to live without them."


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