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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope Just Farted

Can the media's race for ratings get any uglier? Wait, don't answer that question – I want to sleep tonight.

Why are people so interested in the specifics of the pope's declining health that the media feels it must report every detailed medical change, even when most Americans have no idea what these things mean? Come on, define "gradual worsening arterial hypotension" for me. How about "renal insufficiency"?

His decline toward death should not be treated like an election return. We know how this story ends. There's no miracle, no angels swooping down to save his life. He dies. A new pope is chosen. Eventually he dies, too.

Between Terri Schiavo and the Pope, there has been almost no other news, apparently. A blistering report that describes how the Bush administration cajoled the intelligence agencies into twisting its findings to support the predetermined invasion of Iraq got almost no coverage.

The one person happiest about the media's obsession with these stories -- Michael Jackson.


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