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Friday, March 11, 2005

Thanks Bush Voters

At the gas pump yesterday, premium was $2.28 a gallon.

Ironically, the increased gas prices fueled by Bush's reckless invasion of Iraq and subsequent destabilization of the region, means more money for Iran and Venezuela, two major oil suppliers that Bush likes to complain about.

Iran of course is part of Bush's "axis of evil," which confounds me because the three nations involved have no ties and two of them, Iran and Iraq, have been at war off and on for decades. Sounds like we're heading to Tehran next.

And Venezuela, under the democratically elected leadership of Hugo Chavez, is hated by Bush because Chavez wants to take back some of the profits the oil companies take out of the nation and spend it on social programs, like health care and education, for the poor people who comprise most of the population. For that Chavez is called a force of instability in the region, by Bush.

Now I read that Iran and Venezuela have teamed up on some oil projects and other enterprises, which means of course that Venezuela will soon become a member of the evil axis. But good news, soldiers, they've got good coffee in Caracas.


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