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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Kids Like to Ball

I'm not surprised by this news. A study of Texas' abstinence programs shows that they're ineffective at curbing teen sex. Well, duh.

The study doesn't need to say why, because it is obvious – kids like sex, kids rarely listen to adults, and kids generally do the opposite when adults tell them not to do something.

This won't stop the Bush administration, which plans to spend $130 million of our tax dollars funding high school abstinence programs this year.

More dollars down the drain, and for what? “These programs seem to be much more concerned about politics than kids, and we need to get over that,” says the author of the study.

The worst part is that abstinence programs won't receive federal sponsorship if they mention birth control, which ensures more teen pregnancies, thank you Red State America very fucking much.

I have two daughters, and I plan to educate them thoroughly on birth control and the nature of teen boys, who get en erection at the mere site of most females. Heck, many adult males are that way, a fact of life which I am sure accounts for the way the PR industry uses sex to sell most products.


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