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Thursday, February 03, 2005

He Tolls For Bush

Today is as good a day as any to point you to one of the best political cartoonists of our time, Steve Bell, of London's The Guardian. About every second or third cartoon is about US policies and actions, and Bell really knows how to highlight the Orwellian streak in the Bush administration, as well as Britain's Blair administration.

I love that he portrays Bush as a smirking chimp, and apparently his Bush toons are being released in a book to be titled "Apes of Wrath". He already has one book available, titled "Bell's Eye: A History of the Twentieth Century in Rude Words and Pictures."

Bell's cartoons are in full color, which is a giant artistic leap ahead of most political cartoonists who simply use a black ink pen. Today's toon skewers Bush's State of the Union speech in a slightly subtle way. You can flip through his archive on The Guardian's site.


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