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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Kucinich Blog a Hoax

Well, I’m a sucker. Fell for the Kucinich blog hoax, which didn’t really accomplish anything unless fooling real bloggers gets your rocks off. Anyway, ignore my previous post suggesting you visit the blog. The hoaxer stopped posting a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some snippets from the comments that reveal the hoax:

diamondsoull said...

Folks, trust me when I tell you this is NOT Representative Dennis John Kucinich (D-OH). He doesn't have time to post a blog, he tried it while campaigning and couldn't keep it up. He doesn't even post to his own messageboard, so why would he start a blog and tell nobody who relays his message to the people?

Please read these posts and realize this is not Dennis.

Susan said...

If you are going to spoof a political figure, at least get the details of whether or not that figure has kids right.

Kucinich, after all, has a grown daughter.

Even the Bill Clinton hoaxer got those kinds of details correct.

Thomas Mc. said...

Impersonating a US Congressman. I think the Secret Service might have something to say about that.

Nathaniel said...

Well, you've certainly got the pitter patter down. If you aren't Dennis K, you do a dang fine imitation. Found you from the Salon snippet. Fascinating experiment :)

Thomas Mc. said...

I checked with the real deal - the Kucinich campaign website - and they told me this blog is a FRAUD.

It has NO connection whatsever to Dennis Kucinich, other than being an imposter.

You are wasting your time here, folks.

Matt said...

this blog isn't really dennis. mystery solved.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for writing. No, that blog has no connection to Dennis Kucinich. Sorry about the double response. The other one was meant for someone else.

Our campaign for peace and progressive issues continues. You can join us and stay involved by participating in the following websites:

Once again, thanks for writing. Your continued support for Dennis and progressive issues is greatly appreciated.

In hope and peace,
Gail Heyn
Kucinich Campaign Volunteer


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