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Monday, January 24, 2005

Florida Minimum Wage Fight Not Over

Not that it should surprise anyone, but business lobbyists are swarming Florida's capital in an effort to water down the minimum wage amendment passed overwhelmingly by voters last year.

So far the idea seems to be to create loopholes by defining words like "employer", "employee" and "wage" in ways that will exclude some businesses from having to pay the meager increase in the minimum wage.

The amendment language is strikingly clear, as is the need for the increase. Voters agreed, passing the law with 71 percent of the vote, a landslide by any definition.

This is typical elite behavior – allow the masses to vote in an initiative and then use the corrupt legislative process to whittle said initiative into a form more acceptable to the elites.

This is a perfect example of why these elite bastards don't like the citizen initiative process – it takes away some of the control they have over our money. The big business and development lobbies spend oodles to get their people elected, and the payoff is getting laws written to serve their interests. When the people inject things like reduced class sizes or bullet trains into the mix, it means the lawmakers have fewer dollars to spend on pork projects, such as new highways that make more development possible.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is riding herd on this proposal. Make sure your reps know how you feel about this. And if you are reading this and oppose the minimum wage increase, I suggest you try a different blog, you jerk.


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