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Monday, January 24, 2005

Die Johnny Die

Count me as one person who could care less about Johnny Carson dying. I'm sure he was a fine man, but he was a celebrity who had a show about celebrities, so his life on the Tonight Show didn't really focus on anything worthwhile. Funny guy, that Johnny, but people really need to get over this celebrity obsession. Along with sports fanaticism and greed, it's killing the country.

UPDATE (1/25): This morning's paper has a story about Herb Press, who did a college thesis on the monologues of Johnny Carson. My question -- what college professor approved that thesis idea?

"I studied 515 jokes," said Press, who retired last year as chief of photography in UF's News and Public Affairs department, where he worked 30 years. "I began to pursue the idea of continuity in topical humor."

A great photog, and I have one of his pictures framed in my kids' room, but puh-leeze. "Continuity in topical humor"?


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