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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sierra Club and Ecoterrorism? Uh, nope

As predicted in this blog, the Sierra Club was exonerated from the claims that it might have been tied to the arson fires that destroyed a new, upscale housing development that the organization had lobbied against during the development's approval process.

After the fires, law enforcement immediately claimed it would investigate the possibility of "eco-terrorism" as a motive. All stories on the fires followed this announcement with information about the Sierra Club's fight to prevent the development from happening, based on its impact on the environment.

Being a member of the Sierra Club, I knew this was a false connection. Even if someone had razed the homes because of the development's negative environmental impact, the Sierra Club is the last group that would have anything to do with it.

Instead, police have arrested a security guard hired to watch the development and a volunteer firefighter in connection with the crime and have officially ruled out "eco-terrorism." The new motive being investigated – hate for minorities, because most of the homes were owned by African Americans.

Why the cops didn't think of that before eco-terrorism, one can only speculate.


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