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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Hostess with the Mostess

Below is a letter I sent to The Gainesville Sun on Sunday. We'll see if it runs. --CW

Editor: Timothy Austin (Nov. 28) and other letter writers are correct – Gainesville Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan should have been at President Bush’s campaign event at the Gainesville airport.

However, the reason for her appearance has nothing to do with officially welcoming the president to town, as these writers claim the mayor should have done.

Mrs. Hanrahan was not elected by the people to be a hostess. She was elected to look after our health, safety and welfare. Check the city’s charter if you doubt me.

The mayor indeed should have been at the airport when Bush arrived, flanked by a contingent of Gainesville police officers there to arrest Bush for the many war crimes and violations of international law that he has committed in the past three years.

His guilt in these crimes is incontrovertible. Bush attacked a country that was not threatening ours, which violates the United Nations charter. The military and intelligence officers tortured and murdered prisoners of war, which violates the Geneva conventions. And we’ve killed more than 14,000 innocent civilians, including many babies, and we’ve injured many more, using war tactics specifically outlawed in international laws.

If Bush visits Gainesville again, let’s send the mayor to arrest the baby killer. It would be in the best interests of our city, as having a psychopathic war criminal in charge of the country is not good for anyone.

Besides, a Republican sheriff runs our local jail, so Bush would be quite comfy there, I’m sure. The mayor could visit him there as well.


Colin Whitworth


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