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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Another Moral "Victory"

The decisions by CBS and NBC not to run an ad from the United Church of Christ lauding its own inclusiveness of gays and lesbians is of course censorship, but I suspect it actually paid huge dividends to the church.

I doubt I would have seen the ad, which was reported to be a $1.7 million ad buy. Sounds like a lot of money until you try to reach across America, and suddenly it’s small change. But CBS and NBC’s decisions not to show the ad – which is being run on other stations, such as TBS – is quickly becoming a national news story that will reach far more people than the ad buy could, and for no charge.

It happens so often – opposition to rap music makes it more popular; Piss Christ, an otherwise obscure art involving the crucifixion suspended in a jar or urine, becomes a worldwide known piece of art; Janet Jackson’s millisecond strip tease and Nichol Sheridan’s bare back overtake the debacle known as the Iraq War on the 24-hour news stations. The outcries to ban music, movies and art that push our sensibility envelopes only fall into the same trap and become national and international advertisements for said content.

The ad shows a large bouncer preventing people from entering a church while the UCC across the streets invites them in. Because CBS and NBC felt it was a slam against President Bush’s anti-gay marriage stance, they refused to run it.

Apparently Americans are not allowed to buy advertisements that might be considered offensive to Our Leader. No dissent in any form allowed.

Another interesting piece on this here.


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