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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

George Bush is just doing the Lord’s work.

Our re-assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah began with the razing of a hospital, and the raiding of another by a small army of hostile, armed American and Iraqi forces who took over the building like bandits in a bank robbery.

Praise Jesus.

Apparently the doctors and nurses at the hospital that was left standing did two things deserving of such treatment – first, they provided medical care to the injured, even if they had been fighting against “coalition” forces; and second, they reported the casualty numbers to the press.

“It's a center of propaganda," a senior American officer said of the hospital, as reported by The New York Times on Sunday.

From a military strategy point of view, it is not a head scratcher. Occupy or destroy the city’s hospitals and then inflict many casualties. The injured opposition fighters are either captured or die avoiding medical care.

Effective, I’m sure, but also severely sick and twisted, even more so because the “insurgents” and “terrorists” are, from any credible account, almost entirely locals who we recently liberated but who want an end to our armed occupation of their nation. The media parrots the government propaganda by calling them “terrorists,” but you could as easily call them “Iraqi freedom fighters.”

And not only fighters need hospitals. Estimates of civilian casualties range from 15,000 to 100,000 since the start of the war. Many of the dead – and their faces can be found on the web easily – are children. How much more innocent can you get than that?

Go look at the pictures (more here) and see if it makes you feel the power of the Lord. If it does, then you made the correct decision in voting for Bush.

Unconvinced? In our pursuit of Iraqi freedom, American troops tortured, raped and murdered defenseless prisoners – Iraqis not convicted of anything and in many cases later released. Some of them were children. Maybe a visual tour down that memory lane will get the spirit moving through your soul.

Come on, everyone, grab your snake and shake it. Speak in tongues like our leader often does, apparently.

And don't forget, George Bush is just doing the Lord’s work.


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