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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Pork Trumps Health Care

Another three percent of Florida's working age population is without health insurance, as compared to five years ago, according to a state study:
Nearly 20 percent of the state's working age population is without health insurance, compared to about 17 percent five years ago, according to a study by the state Agency for Health Care Administration.

Of those, more than half went without insurance for a year or more, and 63 percent blamed unaffordable premiums.
Not that I really thought health care was a big concern for Jeb and his elite compatriots in Tallahassee. They are too busy carving the pig and distributing the pork to worry about helping citizens get health care.

That's why the state put a referendum to eliminate the bullet train and not, say, a referendum on whether the state should help fund indigent health care. Taking the bullet train out of the equation frees up money to spend building roads that spur development and on subsidies to big businesses like Wal-Mart in the guise of economic development. Whenever you hear politicians talk about economic development, they are usually talking about subsidizing the profits of big business.

Requiring businesses to provide health care or spending tax money on it is counterintuitive to the way these jokers think. Besides, almost every elected official in Tallahassee got their using massive campaign contributions from big business special interests, so paying attention to the needs to non-contributors would likely lose them their jobs come next election.

Meanwhile, Jeb's big bro is proposing to eliminate the tax deduction for businesses that provide health care, meaning that employees will either lose coverage or be required to pay more. Paying more, of course, is what the Florida study says is causing people to go without health insurance.


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