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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Local Campaign Finance Reforms Pass Easily

Alachua County voters overwhelmingly passed the two campaign finance reform measures on the Nov. 2 ballot, proving for the third time that local voters from all parties want to reduce the influence of money on government. (Click here for Alachua County election results and scroll down to the bottom to see the campaign finance reform results.)

What is most amazing about the landslide votes -- 76 percent in favor of one charter amendment and 67 percent in favor of the other -- is that the entire campaign for the election was run on less than $500, and the person responsible for the effort was sick with cancer. And the election was still a solid mandate.

The voters didn't need convincing, and why should they? It is obvious that elections are awash in dollars, and the corrupting influence of it is apparent at all levels of government.

These reforms are modest and effect only select county-level races, but they're a start. Next we need to push to have similar reforms at the city-level in Gainesville, and the wide support for such reform should make it easy to do.


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