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Friday, November 19, 2004

Knucklehead of the Week: Gator Fans

OK, so Steve Spurrier appears to be the next coach at the University of South Carolina, one of the Gator's annual opponents in the SEC.

Gator Nation -- get over it. The whining and name calling (I saw a poster on a sports discussion board referring to "Stevil Spurrier") are rampant, and fans obviously have hard feelings about Spurrier not returning to UF to replace Ron Zook.

He's a great coach, no doubt, but he is not the only coach who can win here. There are successful coaches at many other schools, and hopefully UF will entice one here.

I think it'll be fun to watch Spurrier throw his visor and have his semi-regular tantrums on the opposing sideline. Personally, I had become tired of watching it on ours.

Spurrier already defied the Thomas Wolfe idiom that you can never go home again when he returned to UF in 1990, so who can blame him for not wanting to come back again? I hope he is able to resurrect the South Carolina football program, because USC has been a bad football team for a long time, and this fan prefers to watch good games, not just blowouts (although those can be fun, too).

Too many Gator fans worry that this means UF's program will take a step back or that Spurrier will start collecting SEC Championship rings. These are the same folks who were so impatient with Zook that they had him fired before he finished his third year, when any football expert will tell you that starting next year UF was to begin reaping the fruit of Zook's work as a recuiter and coach.

Lighten up. This is a game, and Spurrier decided to take his ball and go play somewhere else. UF will be fine.


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