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Friday, November 12, 2004

Just Good Investigative Journalism

OK, so The Independent Florida Alligator didn't find those pesky missing WMDs or uncover the truth about President Bush's national guard service, but it did publish an article Friday listing the most common place on the UF campus for someone to be arrested for public urination.

Likely no Pulitzer prize will be handed down for this work, but it should win a prize for creativity in reporting. According to the story:

An exhaustive analysis of University Police records has identified Murphree Hall as the most-urinated-upon area of UF’s campus.

Since January 2003, UPD has arrested 117 people for peeing in public. Eighty-eight of these unlawful urinators were nabbed in the “Golden Triangle” between Murphree Hall, the Chemistry Laboratory and Library West.
Well, at least we know why it is called the Golden Triangle. Most interesting is the comments from the manager of The Swamp restaurant, which is across the street from this area. She blamed the anti-rave ordinance passed several years ago for throwing drinkers out on the street before they've had a chance to potty.

“A lot of bars kick everyone out at 1:45 a.m.,” the manager told the paper. “You’re not allowed to stay, and the people are not even allowed to use the bathroom.”

But at least they're not allowed to dance after 2 a.m. I feel so safe.


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