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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dude, Where's My Carnage?

I am not a "gamer" but I do like video games. I admit I have played games in which blowing things up is a main goal. But I also profess that I have never liked the games in which the things blown up are people and the result is bloody carnage.

My sensitivities to that have increased exponentially since Sept. 11, 2001 and the subsequent US-led massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq. Having seen the images of real carnage, I can't see myself having fun killing people in a video simulation.

According to The Gainesville Sun, this is not the case with many local young men who gathered at Rhino Video to view the release of Halo 2. In an article that ran Wednesday, the message from these young men was clear: we like to kill. Here is what they told The Sun:

"A big thing I can't wait for (with Halo 2) is the online capability. To kill people from halfway across the world, to kill your friend in Korea -- that's cool."

"There's a lot of opportunities for your friends to be retarded."

"I like the cool ways you get to kill people and stuff, it has a nice storyline, too."

Yeah, I can't wait for these dudes to grow up and become voters.


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