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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bring it on Home(r)

That's not a typo or a reference to Greek lit. And, despite my affection for The Simpsons, the headline has nothing to do with The Man Who Loves Saturated Fats.

I am referring to Homer "Scooter' Willis, who most of you will have never heard of before. But his experience running for UF's student body president in 1988 I believe will be a guideline for how the GOP tries to prevent Kerry from taking office, should he win today.

UF's student government has always been a microcosm for the type of anti-Democratic, special interest-serving, elite-dominated government in Washington. In fact it has been a training ground for many politicos more interested in pleasing wealthy lobbyists and lining their friend's pockets with tax revenues. SG breeds corruption through Florida Blue Key and the Greek system, which operate hand-in-hand to gain power and then distribute the perks of power to its chosen ones.

Willis was not part of that scam, but a backlash against it. When SG decided one year not to fund the annual engineering fair (over stupid political BS I won't go into here), the rather large population of engineering students decided to get politically active. Willis, an engineering student, was elected student body president over the anointed FBK/Greek candidate.

End of story? Of course not. The FBK/Greek-dominated Student Senate was required to canvass the election, which every other election was a brief meeting to officially announce the results. However, various people began claiming there had been election fraud of some vague and unspecified sort, so the Senate refused to canvass the election.

As Willis waiting on the side lines, the Senate and UF officials repeated debunked every claim of fraud, and it was pretty clear that the charges were merely a falsified obstacle being used to prevent Willis from actually taking his elected position.

This went on for months, almost into the summer, before the Senate was forced to finally canvass the election.

If you have been following the talk about GOP challenges to voters and the election over vague and unspecified acts of election fraud, you can see where I am going with this.

The GOP, I believe, will try everything to prevent Kerry from taking office. In 2000 Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court, not the people. The majority chose Al Gore, and if the Surpeme Court had allowed Florida to count all of the votes, then Gore would have won Florida's electoral votes and, hence, the presidency.

Today we will hopefully see a victory for John Kerry, but I fear that the GOP will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.


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