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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

This year has seen a number of good documentaries that expose the media's biases in favor of the powerful elites that run government and the economy. The newest, Orwell Rolls in His Grave, will have two showings Wednesday at the Civic Media Center.

I haven't seen this one, but the CMC is usually discerning about the quality of the films it shows, so I expect it to be as advertised – an "indictment of how the media and Bush administration have abandoned democracy in favor of consolidating their own power" and a movie that asks "whether America has entered an Orwellian world of doublespeak where outright lies can pass for the truth."

The film plays at 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. The CMC is located at 1021 W. University Ave., just east of the UF campus. Call 373-0010 for more info.

It's important to focus on this issue because most people get their understanding of the world from the so-called "mainstream press." What this and other documentaries (e.g., Outfoxed, Hijacking Catastrophe, Fahrenheit 911) reveal is how the Bush administration uses propaganda to the same effect that Nazi Germany did before World War II, and how the media has been compliant in repeating this propaganda with little criticism of it.


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