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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mel's Hypocrisy

If you've seen any of the anti-Betty Castor ads that accuse her of being soft on terrorism, then a new report on the Fort Report should interest you. Apparently Castor's GOP opponent for US Senate, Mel Martinez, is not only a slimy mud-slinger, but a hypocritical one at that. To wit:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mel Martinez has staked his campaign on the issue of terrorism and his close ties to President Bush. Martinez attacks Democrat Betty Castor for action she took as president of the University of South Florida, when she suspended a professor who was suspected of ties to terrorist groups. Although she took the toughest action allowed by law, Martinez said Castor didn’t do enough to deal with professor Sami Al-Arian.

While he attacks Castor, Martinez gives a pass to George W. Bush, who campaigned with the same suspected terrorist in 2000 and invited him to a high-level White House meeting in 2001. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Martinez said it “didn’t matter” that a terrorist suspect under federal investigation attended a meeting with top Bush adviser Karl Rove on White House grounds. And Martinez told WFLA-TV that Bush posing for a photo with the suspect was “irrelevant.”

Castor is hitting back with a TV ad on Martinez’s hypocrisy. The ad is sure to put Martinez on the defensive over the signature issue of his campaign. It raises the real issue for voters to decide: Can we believe anything Mel Martinez says? See the ad at:
Incidentally, this is the same president who, as governor of Texas, met with members of the Taliban over an Afghan oil deal (see Fahrenheit 911 for details on that), and who regularly meets with Saudi Prince Abdullah, despite the fact that most of the 911 hijackers were Saudi and despite the fact that much of the worldwide financing for terror comes from Saudi groups.

Someone should call John Kerry's campaign.


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