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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gordon: Pay Parents to be Parents

The Fort Report has a short but welcome commentary from for state Sen. Jack Gordon that supports the proposed constitutional amendment increasing the minimum wage in Florida. Among other things, Gordon writes:

Business interests always oppose a minimum wage law and then bemoan the difficulty in getting well trained or educated workers. But they are creating that problem for themselves by not paying parents enough to be parents. And they are very short-sighted to boot. Every dollar in increased wages will be spent. The multiplier effect will result in no net job losses. Notice that they always make this argument, but never cite the experience when the last increase took place.
Agreed. Business interests claim that this meager increase in the pay for those at the bottom of the wage scale will wreck the economy, yet experience with previous increases in the minimum wage do not support that.

If the media would actually look into the claims made by special interest groups when it comes to such issues, the voters might have a decent understanding of the issues. Instead, most reporters prefer to act as conduits for propaganda rather than as learned researchers revealing facts – they call it objectivity, but in truth it is pure laziness. As long as a reporter can get two people to take opposing sides on an issue, the job is done. Whether one of those people is making spurious claims is irrelevant, apparently.

Here is my previous post on this issue, which outlines more reasons to disbelieve what the business community and its compliant media companies want you to believe.


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