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Thursday, October 21, 2004

GOP Campus Voter Fraud Scandal Widens

The GOP campus voter registration scandal is wider than previously thought. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the same deceitful tactics used in Gainesville were also used as USF and UNF:

More than 4,000 registration forms from college communities are being investigated by elections or law-enforcement officials.

In many cases, students registered as Republican against their wishes will have no problem voting Nov. 2. But a student registered legally in one county and falsely in another could have his vote invalidated.
What this and other stories have not said is the possibility that these GOP-funded groups threw out Democratic registrations. It has been happening across the nation, as I have been reporting. If these campus groups are willing to falsify voter registration forms, what's to stop them from throwing out forms for people who registered as Democrats? Certainly not their morals.

The parent company funding these campus voter drives have been caught in other scams in Florida and other states. According to The Sentinel:

The Arno company has worked on national and Florida GOP campaigns since the 1980s. On its Web site, it claims to have gathered more than 75 million signatures for 300 voter initiatives since 1979.

But the company has been dogged by forgery allegations in Florida and other states in recent elections. Two Florida men working for Arno were arrested this summer and charged with forging signatures on petitions for high-speed rail, gambling and other ballot initiatives, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

In a lawsuit filed this year, anti-gambling forces accused the Arno company of signing the names of dead people to get another measure on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Ohio officials dropped presidential candidate Ralph Nader off that state's ballot last month after forged signatures were found on petitions gathered by Nader's campaign and a company that worked with Arno, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.
I have written about GOP voter fraud here and here.


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