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Friday, October 08, 2004

Gainesville Debate Parties Make National Headline

Dwayne Robinson, a writer for The Independent Florida Alligator, has a story on CNN's web site today about presidential debate parties in Gainesville.

Pretty boring article, but my favorite part was this:
UF College Republicans congregated at the Po' Boys Creole Café, where some members drank each time a candidate used the words "Iraq" or "terrorism."

"We were having a great time. It was a lot of fun," club president Hunter Williams said.
I didn't realize College Republicans were so masochistic. I don't see how, unless he was lying, that this dude could say it was fun to watch President Bush not only be crushed on the issues but to appear so befuddled and arrogant despite that. I was embarrassed for Bush, and I can't stand the guy.

Well, I guess there is another obvious reason he might said Bush's humiliation was "fun": if he drank beer every time Bush said "Iraq" or "terrorism," it's a wonder he didn't vomit all over the reporter. "Bush was awwwwwe-sommmmee...blechhhhhh."


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