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Friday, October 22, 2004

Did We Mention...? ran a story Friday about the voter registration scandal on Florida campuses, but the cable news channel’s web site failed to mention one important fact – that the fraud was all related to the Republican Party pulling blatant dirty tricks to sign people up as Republican voters and to change Democrats party affiliations to the GOP.

According to all sources, the group behind this is funded by the GOP. Seems like pretty important information, considering the slew of GOP dirty tricks going on nationwide. Other GOP-funded groups have thrown out Democrats voter registration applications; Democratic voters have been getting phone calls falsely telling them that their precinct had moved; Florida state troopers harassing a get-out-the-vote effort in an African-American neighborhood; and so much more, unfortunately.

Why chose not to include this information is, really, somewhat fishy. It is at best poor journalism.

I’m really not sure why this story does not generate much outrage in Gainesville. Have we become such a dishonest society that we can tolerate some level of voter fraud? If so, then the foundation of this democracy is so soft the whole house is ready to slide into the ocean. For most people, their occasional vote is their only voice in government. It’s their only chance. To allow people to manipulate the vote makes voting irrelevant.


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