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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Chiodo to GPD: Go Cheney Yourselves

Local anti-war protestor Chaz Chiodo filed a federal lawsuit this past week over what he rightly calls his unlawful arrest in May. A GPD officer arrested Chiodo for wearing a shirt during a streetside protest that showed an American flag sticking out of someone's butt. The sign said "Bush Loyalists" and "Question Authority".

The State Attorney's Office, wisely, declined to charge Chiodo, so his criminal matter has been dropped. Chiodo, however, isn't dropping the issue.

The local ACLU filed the suit, using local attorney, Gary Edinger. The suit asks the court to halt the city's "policy of arresting and harassing citizens believed to be engaging in 'offensive' speech or displaying 'offensive' signs of an arguably sexual nature."

The Sun has an article on it here.

One man's obscenity is another man's political expression. That's pretty much how I look at people with Bush/Cheney stickers on their car.


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